Rihannsu Dictionary 
English to Rihannsu - v1.0.1a 


able: (adj.) aled 

abundance: (n.) aefau 

act: (v.) kla 

act: (n.) grukhai 

add: (v.) mnyiener 

administrator: (n.) fvrihai 

admiral: (n.) enriov "Senior Commander" 

advise: (v.) aueth 

advisor: (n.) auethnen 

agent: (n.) lehrei 

agree: (v.) rhai 

aide: (n.) kaidha 

air: (n.) lhael 

alien: (adj.) yikh 

all: (n.) qiuu, "everything" qiuu'n 

ally: (n.) dhaekav 

ambassador: (n.) llairhi 

annihalate: (v.) rhioy 

announce: (v.) lihr, "- the presence/arrival of" oal'lhih 

antidote: (n.) ssifefva (for fvayiph); ssifegho (for ghoypih) 

anything: (n.) khru, "- else?" or "- more?" khru va? 

apology: (n.) veherr 

apartment: (n.) takas'rhe, "- building" takas 

archway: (n.) gaih 

arm: (n.) ahtma 

around: (adv.) hraefva 

arrival: (n.) oali 

arrive: (v.) hilai 

artisan: (n.) aethhon 

ashen: (adj.) rehillh 

assault: (v.) arkhiann 

assembly: (n.) bressas 

atomic: (adj.) fvinnash 

attache: (n.) lleifven 

attend: (v.) aihei 

authority: (n.) eireth (as in an organization) 

avenge: (n.) kholhr 

avenger: (n.) ra'kholh (also a popular ship-name in the Rihannsu fleet) 

award: (v.) afein 

award: (n.) saghomh 


bad: (adj.) ray 

bag: (n.) soqey 

ball: (n.) ghan 

bastard: (n.) wort (used as an insult in the same way, though the term does not precisely the same
due to social context) 

battalion: (n.) lhanntho (A unit of ~8 companies) 

battle: (n.) llaiss 

battle-bridge: (n.) oira 

beat: (v.) arhbeu (as with fists or a blunt weapon) 

belt: (n.) phenno 

bird: (n.) dhael 

birth: (n.) navassa 

birthday: (n.) sora 

bitter: (adj.) fvhubh (bitter-tasting, not the emotion) 

bitterness: (n.) uerrhro (the emotion) 

black: (n.) akhiy 

blood: (n.) rhienn 

bludgeon: (v.) arhbeu 

blue: (n.) lhaiy 

bonding: (n.) anna (noun) 

brain: (n.) vahl'kev 

branch: (n.) aathe (of a tree) 

brave: (adj.) s'ten 

breeches: (n.) dukid 

bridge: (n.) hwaveyiir (of a ship) 

brig: (n.) th-ann'rhe 

bright: (adj.) fviafv 

brook: (n.) ihho (also an affectionate term) 

brown: (adj.) nneihe 

build: (n.) ehrehin 

building: (n.) kri 

bulbous: (adj.) ullbi 

burden: (n.) fvhessoll 

burn: (v.) ishae 

bush: (n.) churria 

busy: (adj.) dalaredh 

but: (conj.) merht (also mrht, though pronunciation remains the same)


cadet: (n.) eredh, plural eredhin 

calculator: (n.) gah'blekiky 

call: (v.) mehre (as in to summon) 

cargo: (n.) hae 

carrier: (n.) mosarum 

carry: (v.) talas 

cash: (n.) chaghe 

catch: (v.) hlaefv 

catcher: (n.) hlae'en 

caution: (n.) ahrrein 

cease: (v.) khoi 

chain: (n.) takhse (also the standard unit of currency) 

charisma: (n.) nuhirrien 

chef: (n.) artthi (see 'cook') 

chief: (adj.) daise, (among several choices or parts) daisemi'in 

child: (n.) kuoku 

choice: (n.) miin 

citizen: (n.) afvha 

civilian: (n.) (adj) hfenir (non-government), hfeniriv (government service) 

claw: (n.) sienae 

cloaking device: (n.) aeh'lla-ifv (shorthand aeh'lla) 

coat: (n.) aafvun 

cold: (adj.) zhown 

color: (n.) eij 

combat: (n.) llaekh-ae'rl (unarmed combat, a type of martial art) 

come: (v.) mayri, "come back here!" h'ta fvau 

comet: (n.) takar 

coming of age: (n.) d'sora 

command: (n.) tlhei (noun) 

commandant: (n.) Khoilmnriir 

commander: (n.) Riov 

commission: (n.) eireth (as in an organization) 

communicator (personal): (n.) han'etrehh, hanet (common shorthand) 

company: (n.) lhanmei (a unit of ~8 platoons) 

complex: (n.) khfi (as in a building) 

complex: (adj.) achdhess (as in complicated) 

compose: (v.) ekhok 

computer: (n.) awaenndrae 

computer printout: (n.) haudet 

computer science: (n.) awaenndrae'afwe 

conceal: (v.) dedreen 

conscript: (n.) allkha 

cook: (n.) hvai'mos (food preparer, perfunctory term.), arthhi (chef, cooking as an art form,
considered an artist) 

cool: (adj.) lhao 

coordinator: (n.) thiolha 

copper: (n.) mneahj 

copper-coloured: (adj.) mneahj-ye 

corps: (n.) agheak (A unit of ~8 legions) 

correct: (adj.) mnekha (Also good, a general positive response.) 

corridor: (n.) ochei 

crewman: (n.) saevha 

crime: (n.) yita 

currency: (n.) chaghe 

curse: (n.) llhusra


damage: (n.) etrakhi (to a machine/object) 

dark: (adj.) ullho 

data: (n.) pathal 

data transfer: (n.) hnhaudr 

day: (n.) shad, "day after tomorrow" kheisifv, "day before yesterday" kheisran 

death: (n.) lata, "honorable -" d'lata (]rmal) 

decide: (v.) ormiin 

declared: (n.) Rihan 

deck: (n.) hvi 

decree: (v.) orhain 

deed: (n.) grukhai (as in an action) 

defender: (n.) deleth 

desert: (n.) tehann 

desire: (v.) rruieh 

destruction: (n.) aehkhifv 

diarrhea: (n.) llhrei'sian 

die: (v.) llai 

difficult: (adj.) modherr 

diplomacy: (n.) kiith 

diplomat: (n.) kiitha 

director: (n.) orrha 

dirt: (n.) chi 

disagree: (v.) rhai'hlan 

dish: (n.) saarh (as in a specific food) 

dislike: (v.) fvakiir 

dismiss: (v.) urstev (as an interjection, 'dismissed!'

A more appropriate translation would be 'You may go now', though Rihannsu do not think of it this
way.) ...disruptor: (n.) hyaa-aifv (Literally, 'Disruption-' or 'Entropy-beams'.) 

division: (n.) arifv (as in a military division or of an organized group of people.); fvhirrhel (A unit of
~8 battalions) 

do: (v.) sthe (as in to perform, carry out, etc.) 

door: (n.) lhanv (Note that this is a literal term, Rihannsu tend not to use 'door' figuratively, favoring
words such as 'way' or 'path'.) 

doubt: (n.) ovrhei 

drive: (v.) ifvhe 

dust: (n.) ohreth 

duty: (n.) talla 


earth: (n.) avilh (as in the element) 

easy: (adj.) awevh 

eat: (v.) agollh 

egg: (n.) aab 

either: (conj) neth (used with nah'lai, to link lists of alternatives: "Rii ovrhei neth rhai'hlan neth llai
nah'lai." - "Either she dies, or doubts, or disagrees.") 

elder (noun): (n.) deihu (also Senator) 

electromagnetic: (adj.) bhikhegh 

empire: (n.) nneikha 

engineering: (n.) etrehafwe (as a skill/science), etreh'rhe (room) 

enough: (n.) llilla 

equal: (adj.) dan 

escape: (v.) keshall 

essence: (n.) fvullh 

excrement: (n.) kllhwnia (colloq. Manure, also an expletive, usu. vulgar) 

execute: (v.) lachnofv (to put to death) 

executive: (n.) rhaetelh 

exit: (n.) savhe 

explode: (v.) morlas 


face: (n.) khau (of a person); dathe (as in honor) 

falling: (adj.) selliea (Never as a verb, used of things that are generally downward in direction or
sense. Sometimes used as a word for 'bad', meaning 'bad compared to before'.) 

fang: (n.) bhath 

farewell: (interj.) bedah 

farmer: (n.) hveinn 

fat: (adj.) tui 

fear: (v.) efvi 

fear: (n.) ifir 

female: (adj.) susse (though fore some words, this precedes the noun and attaches to it, as in
'susse-thrai', she-wolf.) 

festival: (n.) eitreihh 

field: (n.) aavhnoll (electromagnetic, dispersion, etc.); waith (field for farming, an area of lanad for
use by sentients. Does not apply to undistrubed habitats, see plains) 

fighter: (n.) gekha (one who fights) 

fire: (v.) hna'h (also engage or energize) 

fire, element of: (n.) okhala (alt sp ocala) 

five: (n.) rhi 

flame: (n.) llaiir 

fleet: (n.) galae 

fly: (v.) vas' 

foil: (n.) nunn (as in thin metal) 

fold: (v.) dho 

folded: (adj.) dhoss 

food: (n.) mnhe, fvai (colloq.); veigh (more common) 

fool: (n.) feanna (one who truly lacks judgement) 

force: (n.) fvienn (applied power or strength); aesh (A branch of military service); ihsein (a unit of
organized individuals) 

force: (v.) mienn 

force upon: (v.) mnyeikher 

forest: (v.) (n.) ahiuan 

forever: (n.) aoi 

free: (adj.) re 

freighter: (n.) mosarum'haer 

friendly: (adj.) khedak (also a proper name, One who is agreeable) 

fringe: (adj.) nnui (outer, at the edge, sometimes used as 'strange', other times as 'state-of-the-art'

cf. Avrrhinui, Neutral Zone = Outmarches) ...from: (prep.) hel 

frontier: (n.) avrrhi (esp. fortified) 


genealogist: (n.) Sad'onnav 

genealogy: (n.) Sad'onna (As the study of) 

general: (n.) khrein 

give: (v.) bont 

glad: (adj.) oelh 

glass: (n.) urhillh 

glide: (v.) vadas 

glider: (n.) vadasko 

go: (v.) urr 

gold: (n.) isaehj 

gold-coloured: (adj.) isaehj'ey 

good: mnek'nra (inferior-superior), mnekha (superior-inferior) 

goodbye: bedah (lit. Be well), bedaoi (Final-sounding, lit. Be well forever.) 

government: (n.) seiHehllirh 

governor: (n.) afvillhei 

graceful: (adj.) verelan (also a proper noun) 

graduate: (v.) enerredh 

grass: (n.) khuea 

green: (adj.) saiy 

greetings: (interj.) Jolan'tru (also farewell) 

group: (n.) efvir 

gruel: (n.) gletten 

guardian: (n.) theirr 

gut: (v.) hallsih (to slice open, to spill the innards of) 


hair: (n.) sheg 

half: (n.) rhede 

hand: (n.) nai 

happy: (adj.) oelh 

harp: (n.) hrini 

hate: (n.) mnahe 

have: (v.) vhuin 

head: (n.) hru (as in chief, leader of), " - house" hru'hfirh, "- civilians" (archaic) hru'Hfeniriv 

head servant: (n.) hru'hfe 

heal: (v.) hiafvar 

health: (n.) notht or ++hifvarh 

hear: (v.) hnafiv 

heart: (n.) kaevra (either the organ or as a center of energy/emotion), kahlan'soh (medical term for
the organ) 

heir: (n.) eri 

hell: (n.) arreinnye (actually, the Rihannsu do not have a concept of hell in the traditional sense, this is
rather more of a reference to death and the end of one's existence as a distinct entity. The word
carries roughly the same emotional connotations, however.) 

help: (v.) dekon 

here: (n.) krenn

her/she: (n.) rii 

held: (v.) hwy 

hello: (interj.) Jolan'tru 

helm: (n.) eyiv 

highest: (adj.) vriha 

him/he: (n.) dii 

hold (cargo): (n.) haerh, haerht 

hold: (v.) hwyej 

home: (n.) ei'krih 

honor: (v.) khlinae (To do honor to) 

honor: (n.) dathe 

hostage: (n.) th'anai 

hostage-fostering: (n.) rrh-thanai 

hot: (adj.) show 

hour: (n.) dierha 

house (family): (n.) hfihar, plural hfihrrn 

human: (n.) hevam (considered derogatory) 

humorous: (adj.) taev 

hunter: (n.) hathos (modern, as an animal), khellian (archetypal, as a profession, also a house-name) 

hurt: (v.) aith 


I: (n.) arhem (also me, since there is no subject/object distinction in noun form in rihannsu) 

ice: (n.) lliash 

idiot: (n.) feanna (see fool) 

if: (conj.) ve (if...then = ve...ja)

in: hrao (prep) (locative) "- the computer" hrao awaenndraevha, dha (post) (temporal), "- five
minutes" rhi siuren dha 

incompetent: (adj.) nnulhlle 

indeed: (adv.) rha, rh'e (see truly) 

indigo: (adj.) khein 

inferior: (n.) ben 

information: (n.) pathal 

injure: (n.) hiakha 

inside: (prep.) hrrafv 

inspiration: (n.) mnashe 

insult: (v.) thomhtaa (colloq.) 

intelligence: (n.) tlaru (as in spying) 

intelligence agent: (n.) khile'hrei 

island: (n.) mnhaell'hu 

it: (pron.) aei


joining: (n.) anna 

joke: (n.) ugh 

jump: (v.) nveih 


keep: (v.) hwyej 

kidney: (n.) gahn'soh (medical term), gahnis (common) 

kill: (v.) lloi 

Klingon: (n.) kll'inghann, klivam knife: (n.) kaleh
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