aab: (n.) Egg 

aafvun: (n.) coat 

aathe: (n.) branch, as of a tree 

aavhnoll: (n.) Field, as an electromagnetic 

achdhess: (n.) Complex, complicated 

aerlai (D/G): (v.) Laugh 

aei: (n.) It 

aeir: (n.) Laugh 

aefau: (n.) Abundance, Great Supply 

aefvadh (O/G): (int.) Be Welcome 

aeh'lla-ifv: (n.) Cloaking Device (Actually translates as a Ghost or disappearing Device, though
'Cloaking' is closest in sense). 

aeh'lla: (n.) Military Shorthand for Cloaking Device, translates most accurately to 'Cloak' used as a

aehallh (O/G): (n.) Monster-Ghost (An illusory creature: cognate to "nightmare" in terran tradition, a
creature that "rides" the dreamer to its perdition. Also, the "image" or illusion that one being has of
another; as opposed to the true nature of the being in question.) 

aehkhifv: (n.) Destruction 

aehnne: (n.) Lake 

aekhhwi: (n.) Water 

aekhwinarrae: (n.) Ocean (New word, did not exist in Vulcan) 

Ael (O/G): (adj.) Winged (Proper name, fairly common on ch'Havran. In other usage as an adjective
with connotations indicating a creature which moves quickly giving one little time to make out

aeleir: (n.) Space (The Final Frontier) 

aen (J/G): (n.) wing 

Aen'rhien: (n.) BloodWing, a large carnivorous avian native to ch'Rihan, named after one of the
original colony ships. Also used as a Starship name. 

aepha: (v.) Write, Compose (A story, poem, play, opera, or other creative work) 

aerreh: (n.) Worth (Value) beyond or besides monetary value 

aesh: (n.) Force, as in a division of military service 

aethhon: (n.) Artisan, Craftsman 

aeu: (n.) That 

afvha: (n.) Citizen 

afw'ein (O/G): (n.) Reason (As in the use of one's faculties rather than as the "excuse" one contrives
to explain one's behaiviour.) 

afwe (J/G): (n.) Science/Discipline 

agheak: (n.) Corps (Sometimes Specifically, A unit of ~8 Legions) 

agoa: (adj.) Loose 

agollh: (v.) Eat 

ahiuan: (n.) Forest 

ahrrein: (n.) Caution 

ahrrein'firh: (phrase) Observe Caution 

ahta: (v.) Pump 

Aidoann (O/G): (n.) Moon (Proper name, uncommon) 

aihai (O/G): (n.) Plains (Plain country, Flatlands, cognomen "prairie".) 

aihei: (v.) attend (as in to care for; minister to) 

aihr (O/G): (int.) This is (Indicative Noun Prefix) 

aihrrei: (v.) Serve (As a task performed for another) 

aihsa: (adj.) New, Young 

airifv: (n.) Civilian Sector (Independent, non-government service) 

airifvir: (n.) Civilian Service (Implies Government Position) 

aith: (v.) Hurt, Pain 

akh: (n.) War 

akhitha: (n.) Speaker (one who speaks on behalf of others) 

akhiy: (adj.) Black 

akhssar: (n.) Poetry 

alha: (n.) Master (as an owner or keeper, not as one who is very skilled.) 

allkha: (n.) Conscript, a conscripted soldier 

amosarr (I/F): (n.) Carrier 

ankhian (I/S): (n.) A unit of temperature used in the Rihannsu Empire, based on scale of 0-255 with
0 being the freezing point of water and 255 being the boiling point, at standard ch'Rihan atmospheric
pressure (Approx 767 torr.) 

anofv: (n.) Weapon 

anofv-sen: (n.) Bladed Weapon 

anofv-ihl: (n.) Projectile Weapon 

anofv-oann: (n.) Blunt Weapon 

aoll: (n.) Tower 

aou: (n.) That over there (Far away object, object that needs to be indicated due to

arhbeu: (v.) Beat, Bludgeon 

arhem: (n.) I, Me 

arianofv: (n.) Military Service 

Ariennye (D/T): (n.) Hell (The underworld, actually the 'in-between' state people go to when they
return to the elements (die), in rihannsu religion) 

arkhiann: (n.) Assault 

arifv: (n.) Division 

arifv etrehafwe: (n.) Engineering Division 

arifv vriafwe: (n.) Sciences Division 

arrenhe: (adj.) Graceful (exact translation) 

arrhae (O/G): (n.) (Proper Name, der. "arrhe", q.v.) 

arrhe (O/G): (n.) Worth-in-cash (Originally derogatory, "a servant who performed the duties of slave
below his/her rank", modified to be "a servant more worthy of a higher position than those awarded
it"), value in monetary assets. 

arthhi: (n.) Chef (regarding cooking as a respectable art) 

au'e (O/G): (int.) Oh yes (Emphatic form "Oh Yes!") 

auethn (O/G): (v.) Advise/Answer a query, as a command: 'Advise Me' 

aumh: (n.) Stick 

awaenndraev (D/M): (n.) Computer (Complex, not as a calculator or other simple machine.) 

awaenndraevha'afwe: (n.) Computer Science 

avilh: (n.) The element of earth 

avrrhi: (n.) Frontier, Boundary, esp. a foritified border. Sometimes translated 'Marches'. (cf.
Avrrhinui = Outmarches, the Rihannsu term for the Neutral Zone) 

awevh: (adj.) Easy 


bhath: (n.) Fang 

bhikhegh: (adj.) Electromagnetic 

bhoewen: (n.) River 

bota: (n.) Pin, Pip. A small item worn on the clothing, usually with special significance (I.e., a rank


chaghe: (n.) Money, Currency, Cash (as opposed to some other means of fund transfer) 

challh: (n.) Overseer 

chi: (n.) Dirt 

ch'Havran (O/G): (n.) (Planet) of the Travelers 

ch'Havranha (O/G): (n.) Native of that planet (ch'Havran) 

ch'Havrannsu (O/G): (n.) Natives of that planet (ch'Havran) 

ch'Rihan (O/G): (n.) (Planet) of the Chosen 

churria: (n.) Bush (or Sapling) 


daise (O/G): (adj.) Chief/Principle/Senior/Foremost (Prefix) 

daisemi'in (O/G): (n.) Chief among several(choices, candidates) 

dathe: (n.) honor, face 

deihu (O/G): (n.) Senator ("Elder", regarded as equiv. to terran "Senator") 

deihu'kri: (n.) Senate Building 

deihu'rhe: (n.) Senate Chambers (lit. Senate Room) 

deleth (I/F): (n.) Protector 

dha'rudh: (n.) Jerk, Fool, Idiot or Imbecile without direct connotations of lack of intellegence. 

dhaei: (n.) Tenday (Week) (Equal to 10 eisae) 

dhaekav: (n.) Ally 

dhael: (n.) Bird (General; conceptual, not usually applied to REAL birds, as Rihannsu prefer to use
the actual birds' species name, but sometimes is.) 

dhat: (adv.) No 

dhelan (I/F): (adj.) Swift 

dheno: (n.) Security 

dhiarhe: (n.) Power (As in political, economic, etc. Considered a 'blunt' word.) 

dho: (v.) Fold 

dhoss: (adj.) Folded 

dierha: (n.) Hour (Equal to 5050 seconds, ten kehreh), the unit of time. 

difuorh: (adj.) Square 

dii: (n.) Him/He 

dva: (v.) Use 

dukid: (n.) Breeches 


eaha: (adj.) Sweet-tasting 

efvi: (v.) Fear 

efvir: (n.) group 

efwrohin: (n.) Patrol 

eghadh: (adj.) Surprising, Unexpected 

ehrehin: (v.) Build/Construct 

eij: (n.) Color, Hue 

ei'krih: (n.) Home 

eihss: (n.) Sun (generic term, translates best as 'a home star' rather than 'homesun') 

eireth: (n.) Authority, Commission. A body of people, usu. civilian, with a specific responsibility. 

eisae: (n.) Day (Equal to 18 dierha, 25.25 hours), the unit of time. 

eisifv: (n.) Tomorrow 

eisll: (n.) Today 

Eisn (O/G): (n.) "Homesun" the G9 star 128 Trianguli 

eisran: (n.) Yesterday 

Eitreih'hveinn (O/G): (n.) the Farmer's Festival 

eitreihh: (n.) Festival 

ekhe: (adj.) Thin 

ekhok: (v.) Form, Compose. As in to make something in a passive sense: water is composed of two
parts hydrogen and a third oxygen. 

enarrain (O/G): (n.) Senior Centurion 

enudh: (n.) Speech, as in a monologue 

enriov (J/G): (n.) Senior Commander; Admiral of Fleet forces 

eoth: (n.) Net, Mesh, Web. Used to entagle. Also used in reference to information systems. 

erei'Riov (O/G): (n.) Subcommander; captain of the infantry, lieutenant-commander of fleet forces. 

erein (O/G): (n.) Antecenturion/Subcenturion (translation sources vary. officer-cadet of infantry or
ensign of the fleet forces.) 

erhwi: (n.) Third 

eriuu: (n.) Anything 

eth: (n.) Tooth 

etrafvar: (v.) Repair 

etrakhan: (adj.) Damaged 

etrakhifv: (n.) Damage (As to a machine/object) 

etrehafwe: (n.) Engineering (Science of Machines) 

etrefvir: (n.) Repair (Condition as opposed to etrifven, act of repairing) 

etreh'rhe: (n.) Engineering (Room) 

etrehh (D/G): (n.) Machine (From text of Haudet') 

etrifven: (n.) Repair(s) 

eyaa: (v.) Spiral, to fall in a circular fashion 

eyhon: (n.) Road 

eyiv: (n.) Helmet 


fafvonn: (n.) Speech, as in a means of communication. 

fapevha: (adj.) Round 

feanna: (n.) Fool, Idiot 

fehiil: (n.) End 

fhaihuhhru (O/T): (n.) Brouhaha (Almost exact; a commotion, exited action, colloq.) 

fhuokha: (n.) Messenger, Runner 

firhai: (v.) Observe (as in To Practice, Observing a Holiday) 

fothi: (adj.) Wide 

fvadt: (int.) Damn (Generic Interjection, Darn, Drat, some listeners are more offended than others,
depending on context.) 

fvah: (pron.) What (also 'vah') 

fvadni: (n.) Name 

fvai, fvaiin (O/G): (n.) Child's Riding Beast and House Pet (in larger houses) analogous to the Terran
Oligocene-period Mesohippus in size -- that of the Holocene-period C. familaris inostranzewi
(Great Dane) -- though only approximate in appearance. 

fvalo: (n.) Pants, Trousers 

fvaypih: (n.) Poison (other than those produced by living creatures naturally) 

fvakh: (adj.) Bad/Unsatisfactory 

fvakiir: (v.) Dislike 

fveik: (n.) Steel 

fveik'ey: (adj.) Steel-colored 

fveirrolh: (adj.) Vigilant, Perserverant 

fvheisn: (n.) Sunround (Year) (Equal to 381 eisae scientifcally, but actually recorded as being 380
eisae, end every tenth year an extra tenday is added to the calendar) 

fvhessoll: (n.) Burden 

fvhirrhel: (n.) Division, Specifically a unit of ~8 Battalions 

fvhubh: (adj.) Bitter-tasting 

fvhuy: (n.) Root, as of a plant, also anything used to secure something to the ground 

fviafv: (adj.) Bright 

fviarhe: (n.) Pressure, applied by influence (Not as 'blunt' as Dhiarhe) 

fvienn: (n.) Force (noun) 

fvil (D/G): (n.) Land, or resources associated with land. 

fvillha (O/G): (n.) Praetor (Rihannsu Analog: Originally a judicial-level official with some executive
powers, now much expanded. cf fvillhaih, "Praetorate.") 

fvillhaih (D/G): (n.) Praetoratgaih: (n.) Archway 

fvinnash: (adj.) Atomic (having to do with elementary particles) 

fvullh: (n.) Essence, Substance, the stuff that something's made of 

fvullhajun: (adj.) Quantum, also (n.) Quantum level. 

fvuras: (n.) Moon, Satellite 


galae (O/G): (n.) Fleet (Most specifically, space fleet, since the battles of Rihannsu history were
principally land-based. However, there was a later, enthusiastic adoption of massed airpower in
both the offensive and defensive modes, and it is here, rather than in naval tradition, that the term has
its origins.) 

galan (O/F): (n.) Seeker (One who searches) 

gallhej (J/F): (v.) Seek 

gekha: (n.) Fighter, Soldier (but not conscript) 

ghan: Ball (as in an object used in sports and other recreational activities) 

ghleten (I/S): (n.) A traditional romulan dish, consisting of a thin soup or gruel, beleived to have been
originally derived from vulcan plomeek soup, but now much different. 

ghoyiph: (n.) Venom, natural poison (cf. fvayiph) 

grukhai: (n.) Deed, Act 


h'ta (D/G): (n.) previous, last attained 

h'ta fvau (O/G): (int.) Come back here (To last place! Immediate return!) 

haenither: (v.) Leave behind, cast off/out/away, grow beyond 

hallish: (v.) To gut, slice open, spill the innards of (graphic term) 

haerh (O/G): (n.) Cargo Space 

haerht (O/G): (n.) Cargo Hold 

haud (O/G): (n.) Writing (see text of haudet') 

heis'he (D/M): (n.) Love, the emotion. 

heith: (n.) Last one, last among several (Not necessarily derogatory) 

heyahh (J/X): (n.) Mountain 

hfai, hfehan (O/G): (n.) Servant(s) (Bond servant earning a wage, but without the liberty of changing
employers at will) 

hfeh'rhe: (n.) Quarters 

hfenir: (n.) Service (As in type of job, Higher than division) 

hfihar (O/G): (n.) House (Noble family, NOT dwelling. see below.) 

hfihrnn (O/G): (n.) Houses (see above) 

hiafvar: (v.) Heal 

hiakh'mne: (n.) Sickness/Disease 

hiakhifv: (n.) Injury (Physical, to a person) 

hiakhan: (adj.) Injured 

hifvarh: (n.) Health 

hifvai'rhe: (n.) Sick Bay 

hiifve'afwe: (n.) Medical (Science) 

hiifven: (n.) Medicine 

hir' (D/M): (part.) Lead by (indicative, Ex: Lloannen'galae hir'Enterprise, Federation Fleet lead by

hlaefv: (n.) Catch 

hlae'en: (n.) Catcher 

hlai, hlaiin (O/G): (n.) Large, flightless bird(s), farmed for their meat; similar to the terran ostrich. The
very largest are also tamed for children to ride. This, however, renders their meat unusable. 

hlai'hwy, hlai'vna (O/G): (n.) "Held" and "Loose" hlai; domesticated and wild (game) birds. 

hlei: (adj.) Warm 

hnahn (O/G): (v.) Engage (activation-imperative suffix, eg: "Fire!" "Energize!" "Go!") 

hnaev: (n.) Crap, Offal 

hnafirhn (O/G): (v.) See (but not as an active verb; passive with an implication that someone else
must cooperate in the act of sharing or imparting information. Cf. hnafirh'rau) 

hnafirh'rau (O/G): (int.) Let me/us see it (see above) 

hnafivn (O/G): (v.) Hear (as above) 

hnafiv'rau (O/G): (int.) Let me/us hear it (see above) 

hnah (D/T): (suffix) Engage. Applies to end of a device-name, meaning Engage device. Ex:
aeh'lla-ifv-hnah: Engage Cloaking Device, or aeh'lla-hnah: Engage Cloak 

hnhuadr (O/G): (n.) Data Transfer (Direct protocol transfer from one computer to another) 

honn: (n.) Wall 

hraefva: (adj.) Around 

hraikhina: (n.) Victory 

hrrafv: (adj.) Inside 

hrrau (O/G): (prep.) at/on/in (a general locative particle or infix) 

hru (D/T): (n.) Head (of). One who runs or heads something. 

hru'hfe (O/G): (n.) Head Servant (Head-of-the-Household. The senior servant among the domestic
staff, appointed as overseer and servant's manager) 

hru'Airifvir: (n.) Head of Civilian Service, archaic. 

hru'hfirh (O/G): (n.) Head of House (euphemism: "The Lord", Most senior member of a noble

hteij (O/G): (n.) Transporter (Transmat. Not considered as a reliable form of travel, most of the time
(possibly understandable, considering that the technology was bought second hand from the

hteij'rhe (D/T): (n.) Transporter Room 

huadet' (O/G): (n.) Printout (from huad, writing, and etrehh, machine. Computer printout: sometimes,
screen dump as well. Cf hnhaudr, see above) 

hullilh: (adj.) Triangular 

hvai: (n.) Food 

hvei'khenn: (n.) Storm 

hveillh: (n.) Territory; usu. an area of land but now accepted in terms of space as well. 

hveinn: (n.) Farmer 

hwaveyiir (O/G): (n.) Bridge (Command-Executive center, the flight bridge of a ship as opposed to
the combat-control area. (See Oira)) 

hwi: (n.) You 

hwiiy (O/G): (int.) You are (sometimes imperative) 

hwyej: (v.) Hold 

hyaa-aifv: (n.) Disruptor (More accurately, Phase Disruptor) 

hyaakh: (n.) Phaser 

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