ie (O/G): (adv.) Yes (Come, General response or acknowledgement) 

ie'yyak-hnah (O/G): (int.) Fire Phasers! 

iehyyak (O/G): (n.) Multiple Phasers ("multiple" rather than "several" phasers, especially in reference
to the combat-control area) 

iesiy: (adj.) White 

ifir: (n.) Fear 

ifvhe: (v.) Drive, Operate, Do 

ihho: (n.) Brook (affectionate term) 

ihlan (D/T): (suffix) Not, non, a negative suffix used to indicate the absence or opposite of a thing. 

ihmne: (n.) Quarter 

ihnerha: (n.) Second (Equal to 0.55 terran seconds), the unit of time. 

ihoiy: (n.) Trail 

ihsein: (n.) Force (A unit of organized individuals) 

ilemifv: (adj.) Sour-tasting 

ilnethei: (adj.) Mercantile, having to do with commerce 

imtemh: (adj.) Salty-tasting 

in'hhui: (n.) Fish 

iobh: (v.) Rain 

ira: (adj.) Old, as in literally having age, not in the sense of being the one which came before. (I.e.,
Not 'the old car' for the car one owned before, since it is probably not literally old.) 

iraha: (adj.) Oldest 

irhufv: (v.) Ride 

irruhah: (adj.) Secret 

isaehj: (n.) Gold 

isaehj'ey: (adj.) Gold-colored, Golden 

ishae: (v.) Burn 

isneih: (adj.) Yellow 

iuke: (v.) Smell 


ja: (conj.) Then (ve...ja = if...then)

jaeih: (n.) The Element Air 

jarrh: (n.) Clay 

jolan'tru (O/S): (int.) Greeting and Farewell, in very common usage. 

jorreh: (n.) Stone 


kaevra: (n.) Heart 

kaidha: (n.) Aide 

kaleh: (n.) Knife 

kehreh: (n.) Equal to ten siruen (505 seconds), the unit of time. 

keshall: (v.) Escape 

khaa: (n.) Sand 

khaidoa: (n.) Moonround (Month) (Changing, based upon the motions of ch'Havran (or ch'Rihan) in
the sky rather than previously mentioned time-units. Actual orbital period of the two worlds about
each other is 45.7 terran days) 

khaiell: (n.) Wind 

kharhifv: (adv.) Until 

khau: (n.) Face (of a person) 

khei: (adj.) More 

khedak: (adj.) Amicable, Friendly, Agreeable 

khein: (adj.) Indigo (Deep Blue Purple) 

kheisran: (n.) The day before yesterday, commonly used. 

kheisifv: (n.) The day after tomorrow, commonly used. 

khellian (O/G): (n.) Hunter (Archaic, also a proper house-name) 

khell'oann-mhehorael (D/G): (n.) The Klingon Empire (See lloann'mhrahel) 

khellrea: (n.) Legion (A unit of ~8 Divisions) 

khfau: (n.) Palace (almost exact, but with less of a 'rich' connotation and more of an 'honorable'

khfi: (n.) Center/Complex (with connotations of 'headquarters', Prime building, though none of these
is written in the literal translation) 

khfiya: (n.) Street 

khile'hrei: (n.) Intellegence agent 

khina (D/M): (n.) Starship, ship, or other spacegoing vessel 

khlinae: (v.) Do honor to 

khoey: (adj.) Orange 

khoi (O/G): (v.) Cease (Cease, switch off, finish) 

kholhr (J/G): (n.) vengeance 

khre'riov (O/G): (n.) Commander-General (Equivalent to a colonel of infantry or a commodore of
fleet forces) 

khuea: (n.) Grass (or Sprout) 

kllhe (O/G): (n.) Worm (The annelid worm, introduced to domestic hlai-pens, which ingests the
acidic dung and thus processes it to usable fertilizer. Also an insult.) 

kll'inghann (O/G): (n.) The Klingon people (however see khell'oann-mhehorael) 

kreh: (n.) Thing 

krehii: (n.) Something 

kri: (n.) Building (Structure, used almost exactly as in english. I.e., for both "Look at the buildings!"
and "Senate Building". )

kuoku: (n.) Child 

kveinn: (n.) Lance 


lachnofv: (v.) Execute (as a punishment) 

lehe'jhme (O/T): (n.) A fruit used to make wine 

lehrei: (n.) agent (a person engaged in a task) 

lhaiy: (adj.) Blue 

lhamhe: (adj.) Silly or Odd 

lhanme: (n.) Company (A unit of ~8 platoons) 

lhanntho: (n.) Battalion (A Unit of ~8 companies) 

lhanv: (n.) Door 

lhao: (adj.) Cool (in temperature) 

lheollah: (v.) exile 

lhhei (O/G): (n.) Madam 

lhi (D/M): (v.) put 

lhiet: (n.) Fruit 

lhohnu: (n.) Silver 

lhohnu'ey: (adj.) Silver-colored, Silvery 

lihr (J/G): (v.) Announce 

ll', lla: (n.) Now, indicative for when a thing occurs. 

llaekh (D/G): (n.) Murder (Unacceptable) 

llaekh-ae'rl (O/G): (n.) Laughing Murder; the practice or kata forms of a common Rihannsu unarmed
combat technique. Provenance of the name is uncertain) 

llaess: (n.) Boot 

llai: (v.) Die 

llaihr: (n.) Death 

llaiir: (n.) Flame, or fire not as the element 

llaiss: (n.) Battle 

llaisnen: (n.) Warrior (Archaic) 

llhrei'sian (O/G): (n.) Diarrhea (as a result of mild food poisoning; a term exactly equivalent to "The
runs." "The Titanian two-step." "The (any number of edible object)'s revenge." 

llhusra: (n.) curse 

lliash: (n.) ice 

llifv: (n.) Later, indicative for when a thing occurs. 

llilla'hu (O/G): (int.) That will do ("That's just enough" barely adequate, sufficient.) 

lloann'mhrahel (O/G): (n.) The United Federation of Planets (However, the term translates most
accurately as "Them, from There" (as opposed to "Us, from Here"). The Klingons, once
encountered, were promptly named khell'oann-mhehorael ("More of them, from Somewhere Else".))

lloan'na (O/G): (n.) Fed (catchall title for a UFP member, translating exactly as a/the Fed) 

lloannen'galae (O/G): (n.) Federation Fleet (Federation Battlegroup, Task Force; the word has
aggressive connotations that do not differentiate between warships and civilian vessels, but then
Rihannsu have seldom seen the need to regard ships other than ours as anything but potential

lloi: (v.) Kill 

lloveu: (v) Tell, as a story 

lluadh (O/G): (n.) A sneaky person (not always an insult when used in reference to Rihannsu people
or culture) 

lvhiet: (n.) Art 


maeyer: (v.) Transfer 

maghi: (n.) Tunic (overgarment worn by both males and females, primarily as part of a uniform but
also as civilian wear. Tunics usually have large sleeves that reach anywhere from mid-forearm to
wrist, and go down to about mid-thigh.) 

mehre: (v.) Call forth, Summon (not to call as in merely to speak to) 

mhafv: (n.) Smell 

mhia: (n.) Summer Season (equivalent to April-August) 

mhir: (n.) Taste 

mhirrav: (prep.) Outside 

mienn: (v.) Force 

miin: (n.) Selection/Choice 

mnaeri: (adv.) must 

mnahe (D/M): (n.) Hate, the emotion. 

mneahj: (n.) Copper 

mneahj'ye: (adj.) Copper-colored, Coppery 

mnashe: (n.) Inspiration 

mneani: (adj.) Red 

mneihy: (adj.) Reddish-Brown 

mnek'nra (O/G): (adj.) Good (Well, good, correct, satisfactory, inferior-superior mode) 

mnekha (O/G): (adj.) Good (As above, superior-inferior mode. Literally, this means good, but
conduct dictates that one does not say 'good' to one's superiors.) 

mnekiir: (v.) Like/Prefer 

mnhaell'hu: (n.) Island (Recent Word, did not exist in Ancient High Vulcan) 

mnhei: (v.) Rule 

mnhei'sahe (O/G): (n.) The Ruling Passion (The concept, or concept complex, that rules most of
Rihannsu life in terms of Honor. Mnhei'sahe is primarily occupied with courtesy to the people around
one: this courtesy, depending on circumstances, may require killing a person to do him honor, or
severely disadvantaging oneself on his behalf. There are many ramifications too involved to go into,
but generally Mnhei'sahe is satisfied if all the parties to an agreement feel that their "face" or honor is
intact after a (social) or other transaction. NB: The concept has occasionally been mistranslated as
implying that a given action is done "for another person's good." This is incorrect; such a concept
literally does not exist in Rihannsu culture. One does things for one's own good -- or rather, the
good of one's honor, and if properly carried out, the actions in question will have benefitted the other
parties in the transaction as well.) 

mnyiekher: (v.) Force upon 

mnyiener: (v.) Give/Add 

modherr: (adj.) Difficult, Hard 

morllej (I/F): (v.) Explode 


nai: (n.) Hand 

nei'rrh (O/G): (n.) small birds, similar in size and flight characteristics to terran hummingbirds. (family
Trochilidae). With a poison-secreting spur on the upper mandible of the beak. Also an insult,
referring to a person annoying or dangerous out of all proportion to their size, status, or (usually)

neth ... nah'lai (O/G): either 

or ...nerha: (n.) Equal to ten Ihnehra (More Common), the unit of time. 

nharves (I/F): (n.) Nest 

nnaen: (v.) Take/Remove 

nnaekhan: (v.) Steal/Rob 

nnefi: (n.) Tax, Tith, Toll 

nneihe: (adj.) Brown (Yellowish) 

nneikha: (n.) Empire 

nnui: (adj.) Outer, Fringe (strange for ideas, foreign or far away for lands.) 

nnulhlle: (adj.) Incompetent 

nuhirrien (O/G): (n.) Charisma ("look-toward, the quality of charisma or mass attractiveness) 

nunn: (n.) Foil, as in thin metal 

nvaih: (v.) Jump 

nveni: (v.) Walk 


oali (J/G): (v.) Arrive 

oal'lhih (O/G): (int.) Announce the presence/the arrival 

ochei: (n.) Corridor 

ochghifv: (adj.) Molecular 

oelh: (adj.) Glad 

oira (O/G): (n.) Battle control (aboard warbird-class and smaller ships, this is the same as the
bridge-deck (see hwaveyiir) as the flight control area, although rigged for combat; but on larger,
Klingon-built Akif and K't'inga class vessels the word applies to a seperate, heavily armored area
deep in the command prow.) 

ojmhi: (adj.) Plain, Simple 

okhala (I/F): (n.) The Element Fire 

orhain: (v.) Decree (Exact translation) 

ormiin: (v.) Decide/Choose 

orrha: (n.) Director 

ouwefvh: (n.) Plastic 

ovhshau: (v.) Write (not in a creative sense) 

ovrhei: (v.) Doubt 


pathal: (n.) information, data 

phenno: (n.) Belt 

phiraifv: (adj.) military (sometimes shortened to phi') 

pokot: (adj.) warm 


qafhumh: (v.) Mutilate 

qiuu (O/G): (n.) all (of them, of you) 

qiuu'n (D/G): (n.) All (of these) 


ra'khoi (D/T): (n.) Revenge 

ra'kholh (O/G): (n.) Avenger (A popular ship-name in the Rihannsu fleet) 

ralaar (I/F): (n.) Sky 

Ra'tleihfi (O/T): (n.) The capitol city on ch'Rihan 

reghaih: (n.) Military 

rehei (O/G): (n.) Private name, fourth name, the name a Rihannsu finds within oneself and then
shares only with those closest to him/her. 

rehillh: (adj.) Ashen 

rehvie: (n.) World, planet 

rekkhai (O/G): (n.) Sir (inferior-superior high-phase mode) 

rha (D/TM): (adv.) Indeed (lit., truth) 

rhadam: (n.) Person 

rhaetelh: (n.) Owner 

rhai: (v.) Agree 

rhai'hlan: (v.) Disagree 

rhae (D/T): (adv.) Start, On 

rhanne: (n.) I 

rhe (D/TM) [1]: (adv.) Truly (Also used as 'Indeed.') 

rhe [2]: (n.) Room 

rhe've (D/TM): (int.) Is [it] truly

? [It] is truly... ...rhede: (n.) Half 

rhienn: (n.) Blood 

rhifv: (adv.) When 

rhioy: (v.) Annihalate 

rihanh (O/T): (n.) The Declared 

Rihanha (O/T): (n.) One of the Delcared (A romulan) 

Rihannsu (O/T): (adj.) relating to the Declared (Adjective: Romulan) or plural Rihanha (Romulans) 

rii: (n.) Her/She 

riov (O/T): (n.) Captain of Fleet Forces. "Commander" of a warship. 

rokhelh: (n.) Defender 

rreinnte: (n.) Tree 

rrhaul: (v.) Seize 

rrh-thanai (O/G): (n.) Hostage-Fostering (sometimes the making of peace by the exchanging of
children, each to be brought up by the other's tradition to further understanding and harmony.
Sometimes the exchange is simply to provide leverage and a surety of good behavior: "Don't do this,
or your son/daughter will die." Fosterings often start in one context and end up in another.) 

rrhandh: (n.) Wood 

rrhanh: (n.) Support 

rrhuieh: (v.) Desire 


S'harien (O/G): (n.) Pierceblood (The name in Old Vulcan, chosen by pre-sundering Vulcan's most
famous swordsmith as a reaction against the teachings of surak: The name was also given to his

saarh: (n.) Dish, A specific food 

sa': (prep.) With 

saeihr: (n.) Star 

saevha: (n.) Crewperson 

sagomh: (n.) Award 

sahe (D/M): (n.) 1. Passion, something to which one commits oneself or has passionate feelings for.
2. The emotion of passion for a thing. 

saith: (n.) Peace 

saiy: (adj.) Green 

saj: (adj.) Small 

savhe: (n.) Exit 

shaeni: (adj.) Purple 

sheg: (n.) Hair 

shianev: (n.) Spear 

shiefvu: (v.) Listen 

sienae: (n.) Talon 

sienov: (n.) Sword 

sienovan: (n.) Swordsman (lit., swordsperson, not gender-specific) 

sihndari (I/F): (n.) Swarm 

siure (D/T): (n.) Equal to ten Nerha (50.5 terran seconds), the unit of time.

siuren (O/G): (n.) Minutes (Or at least, the Rihannsu equivalent, actually equal to 50.5 secs.) 

soqey: (n.) Bag 

sorifvh: (v.) Surrender 

ssaedhe: (adj.) Gallant, Brave 

ssalli: (n.) Vegetable, any seedless edible plant 

ssaollh: (n.) Spoon or Ladel (roughly analogous to either utensil). 

sseikae (O/G): (n.) A scavenger, analogous to the Terran hyena Crocuta Crocuta and employed as
an insult in the same way) 

ssejfe: (n.) Sash, a garment worn over the shoulder that either drapes around to the other side of the
body in a loop, or is tucked under the belt. 

ssifefva: (n.) Antidote (used against people poisons) 

ssifegho: (n.) Antivenin (used against poison from animals) 

ssuaj-ha (O/G): (v.) understood (Inferior-Superior mode) 

ssuej-d'ifv (O/G): (int.) Do you understand (Superior-Inferior mode) 

Ihir: (v.) Do 

sthea'hwill (O/G): (int.) I request (an action) be done at once (superior-inferior, courteous mode.) 

stheirhn: (v.) Request 

suvchagh: (n.) Stock, monetary or other investment in a business or venture. Used both
professionally and colloquially.


T'liss (O/F): (n.) A bird of prey/Warbird-class starship 

tafv: (adj.) Trustworthy, reliable. Also a proper name: One who is trustworthy. 

ta hrenn (O/G): (int.) Look there! (Look at this!) 

takhse: (n.) Chain; Standard unit of currency; (colloq.) An unfair or overly restrictive arrangement or

ta'khoi (O/G): (int.) Screen off (Usage for voice-activated equipment and (if used to another person)
very explicit superiority) 

ta'rhae (O/G): (int.) Screen on (See above.) 

takar (O/F): (n.) Comet 

tehann: (n.) Desert 

teillh: (n.) mercy 

temarr (I/F): (n.) night 

th'anaih (J/G): (n.) Hostage 

th'ann, th'ann-a (O/G): (n.) "a/the prisoner." 

th-ann'rhe (J/G): (n.) Brig 

theah: (n.) Now (Not imperative) 

thiolha: (n.) Coordinator 

thollghun: (adj.) polygonal 

thomhtaa: (v.) Spit; Slander or Insult (colloq.) 

thoyefvh: (n.) Plasma (as in ionized gas) 

thraefvai: (v.) Surround 

thrai, thraiin (O/G): (n.) Predator, analogous to the Terran wolverine Gulo luscus; and possessed of
similar legendary traits for persistance, vengeful stubborness, and ferocity. 

tivh: (n.) This 

tlaru: (n.) Intellegence, as in a division of military or government in charge of espionage and internal

tlhei (O/G): (n.) My word (Occasionally as in "My (given) word" but more usually "My

tuaq: (n.) Fall/Winter season 

tui: (adj.) fat (used of both people and objects) 


u': (conj.) And 

uan: (n.) pain, angst 

uashorr: (n.) screen, monitor, or touch-keyed instrument panel 

uerrhro: (n.) bitter, as in the emotion 

ugh: (n.) joke, jest 

ullbi: (adj.) Round, bulbous 

ullho: (adj.) dark 

umhi: (adj.) Sharp 

urhik: (n.) fall/winter season of the year in temperate climates 

urhillh: (n.) glass (the material) 

urri (J/G): (v.) go 

urrobafv: (n.) swamp, marsh, wetlands. 

urru (O/G): (int.) go to (A non-mode imperative, which if circumstances permit can be used from
low to high as well as the more usual vice-versa.) 

ussibh: (n.) shirt, usually a long-sleeved undergarment as Rihanha prefer robes, tunics, and dresses
as over-clothing. 

ustalh (I/F): (n.) lifter 

uykirrh: (n.) Injustice, an action not technically a crime by law, but is still viewed as wrong by the
recipient of the action.


vaedn (D/G): (v.) attend (as in to listed to; heed) 

vaed'rae (O/G): (int.) Attend me (Hear me/Attend me, more imperative than "Listen", and more

vah-udt (O/G): (int.) "What rank?" (Who are you (to be asking/doing this)?) 

vaeha: (adv.) Who 

vajerha: (n.) lieutenant, as in right-hand-man as opposed to a rank. 

ve: (conj.) if (see ja)

veherr (D/T): (n.) Apology, written or otherwise. 

veigh: (n.) Food 

veir: (n.) Why 

vhieelh: (n.) Corona 

vhuin: (v.) Have 

vikha: (adv.) Where 

vnai: (v.) Release 

vriafwe: (n.) Science (As in the discipline of science itself) 

vriha (O/G): (n.) highest/most superior 

waith: (n.) field, as in farmland, or any large area of open land intended for use by sentients. Does
not apply to undisturbed habitats (see aihai)


yhea: (adj.) Swift 

yhfev: (v.) Run 

yhfillain (D/G): (n.) Transportation 

yhfi-ss'ue (O/G): (n.) Travel tubes (The public transport system of five rail-mounted cars, powered
by electromagnetic linear morots, carrying 20 persons in an enclosed weatherproof tubes.) 

yhfir'afwe: (n.) Physics (Science of Motion) 

yikh: (adj.) alien 

yita: (n.) crime 

Source Index for listed words:

Status: Original Source:
Derived - D The Romulan Way (Glossary) - G
Original - O The Romulan Way (Text) - T
Modified - I My Enemy, My Ally - M
Conjectural - J FASA - F
Any Star Trek motion picture or
television series - S
Other - X

**Entries with no Source indicated are invented, or very loosely derived
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